Match Play Championship Rules

Tournament Director:  Vice President

Tournament Committee: Tournament Director, Handicap Chair and Director Appointees

Creek Cup Goal:  Allow club members regardless of handicap, an opportunity to participate in a match play tournament.

Eligibility: Entrants must have been a regular club member for a minimum of six (6) months and have played in at least ten (10) TC Men’s Club events during the past twelve months. Players must hold an amateur status as defined by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Participants must have an established index provided by the Southern California Golf Association. Entrants must be at least 18 years old prior to the start of the tournament.

Exemptions: The prior year champion is exempt from qualifying for this event if he is playing in the same flight as the prior year and meets the eligibility requirements.

Tournament Format:  Single Elimination Match Play (Net)  - The championship fields will be divided into flights based on handicap index. The Committee reserves the right to adjust the number of players in any flight if the number of entries so dictates. Flights for the championship will be determined after the entry closing date. Blind draw will determine seeding for the first round for each flight, as well as byes if there are any. The only exception is a bye will automatically be given if available to the prior year champion if he is playing in the same flight.

Handicaps: Competitors will play to their lowest local index for the past 12 months. The Tournament Committee using the SCGA slope rating for the courses played will determine the player’s course handicap. TC Men’s Golf Club Rules and Competitions Committee reserves the right to adjust a player’s handicap at any time prior to or during the competition.

Competition Rules:  The rules of golf for match play as established by the USGA.   TCI Men’s Golf Club local rules will apply.  If any situations occur, which competitors cannot resolve, they must finish the hole in question and follow Rule 2-5.  Rule 2-5 outlines procedures to follow if a doubt or dispute arises between players in match play. (See addendum for Rule 2-5).

A match that ends all square at the conclusion of 18 holes will be played off hole-by-hole until one side wins a hole.  As an example; If hole 15 is the last hole played, then the playoff shall commence on the 16th hole and each consecutive hole until one side wins a hole. If starting or continuing playoff on the next hole is not reasonably possible, the contestants may agree to proceed with the playoff on another hole. Allocation of handicap strokes will be the same as in the original match.

Upon the completion of a match, all contestants must post their scores to the handicap system as TOURNAMENT scores.

Entry Fee:  The championship entry fee is $15.

TCI gift cards: Entry fees will be used exclusively to generate each flight’s prize pool. The value of the prize pool of each flight will be established prior to the tournament and will be based on participation. Prize for first and second place is 66.7% and 33.3% of flight pool.

Entries: Members can sign-up by clicking here

Entry Deadline: The Thursday before the week of the tournament at 6pm.

Dates of Competition:  Matches will begin on the First Wednesday of April and continue for the next 4 consecutive weeks. Brackets will be available on the Friday before the week of the tournament.  If both players in a match agree, matches may be completed at a different date and time as long as the match is played prior to the following Tuesday.

Awards:  Winners of each flight will be added to Champion list on club web site.



USGA Rule 2-5

2-5. Doubt as to Procedure; Disputes and Claims

In match play, if a doubt or dispute arises between the players, a player may make a claim. If no duly authorized representative of the Committee is available within a reasonable time, the players must continue the match without delay. The Committee may consider a claim only if it has been made in a timely manner and if the player making the claim has notified his opponent at the time (i) that he is making a claim or wants a ruling and (ii) of the facts upon which the claim or ruling is to be based.

A claim is considered to have been made in a timely manner if, upon discovery of circumstances giving rise to a claim, the player makes his claim (i) before any player in the match plays from the next teeing ground, or (ii) in the case of the last hole of the match, before all players in the match leave the putting green, or (iii) when the circumstances giving rise to the claim are discovered after all the players in the match have left the putting green of the final hole, before the result of the match has been officially announced.

A claim relating to a prior hole in the match may only be considered by the Committee if it is based on facts previously unknown to the player making the claim and he had been given wrong information (Rules 6-2a or 9) by an opponent. Such a claim must be made in a timely manner.

Once the result of the match has been officially announced, a claim may not be considered by the Committee, unless it is satisfied that (i) the claim is based on facts which were previously unknown to the player making the claim at the time the result was officially announced, (ii) the player making the claim had been given wrong information by an opponent and (iii) the opponent knew he was giving wrong information. There is no time limit on considering such a claim. 

Note:  Once a valid and timely claim is made, players are to continue their match without delay.  Do not wait for a decision!