Club Championship Rules

Tournament Director: Men’s Club President

Tournament Committee: Tournament Director, Rules and Handicap Chair, Director Appointees

Eligibility: Entrants must have been a regular club member for a minimum of six (6) months and have played in at least ten (10) TC Men’s Club events during the past twelve months. Players must hold an amateur status as defined by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Participants must have an established index provided by the Southern California Golf Association. Entrants must be at least 18 years old prior to the start of the tournament.

Handicaps: Competitors will play to their lowest local index for the past 12 months. The Tournament Committee using the SCGA slope rating for the courses played will determine the player’s course handicap. TC Men’s Golf Club Rules and Competitions Committee reserves the right to adjust a player’s handicap at any time prior to or during the competition.

Tournament Format: Stroke play 36 holes. There will be four club champions for Temecula Creek Men’s Golf Club:

GROSS FLIGHT: The gross flight will play from the white tees. The lowest placing contestant will be our Club Champion. The lowest placing senior (55 or older) will be our Senior Club Champion.

NET FLIGHTS: The net flights will play from the white tees. Any index above a 24.4 will play down to a 24.4. The net flights will be determined by dividing the handicap indexes in two even groups from lowest to largest. If there are an off number of players, a coin will be flipped to determine which flight gets the extra player. The coin must be flipped so that it hits the ground. If heads is showing, the lower handicap flight will have the odd player. If tails is showing the high handicap flight will have the odd player.

If two players on the dividing line have the same handicap, their placement will be determined as follows: (a). Their local  index used for the event, (b.) the number of times they played on Wednesdays for the previous 12 months, (c.) a coin flip based upon alphabetical order of last name, first name where heads signifies the name first in alphabetical order. OR, the committee may determine to allow the tournament software to determine the placement of the player by its procedure.

The first round pairings will be ordered by flight and then by ascending handicap index. The pairings for the second round will be ordered by flight and then by ascending scores.  In the event of ties, the players who finished their round first go out first. (first in, first out)

The tournament will consist of two (2) 18-hole rounds of golf. Each division champion will be determined by the lowest thirty-six (36) holes aggregate score within their appropriate division be it gross or net. In the event of a tie in the aggregate total scores after the second round the tie breaker will be an eighteen (18) hole "playoff round" between all the entrants within the same division with the same aggregate score.

The Committee reserve the right to adjust a player’s handicap at any time prior to or during the competition.

Postings: All rounds played, including playoff rounds, should be posted as Tournament (T) Score.

Competition Rules: The rules of Medal Play Golf as established by the USGA and the TC Men’s golf club local rules will apply. All entrants must abide by these rules and if any situations occur which playing competitors cannot resolve, then the players must finish the hole (play 2 balls if necessary) and report the results to the Tournament Committee for final resolution.

Entries: Members can sign-up by clicking here. All entrants must select which division they wish to participate. All entrants to the Senior Division must be at least fifty-five (55) years of age. A player may not change division after entry deadline.

Entry Deadline: The Thursday before the week of the tournament at 6pm.

Dates of Competition: The two rounds will be played on the first and second Wednesdays in August.  If a "playoff round" (18 holes) is required, it will be played, by all those affected, on the third Wednesday in August.

Awards:  The Club Champion will also be awarded a reserved parking place at the head of the stairs in the TCI parking lot. Winners of each flight will be added to Champion list on club web site.

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions: Each division champion will be eligible to represent the TCI Men's Golf Club in the SCGA Tournaments of Club Champions depending upon adherence to the rules, regulations, and requirements dictated by the SCGA. The TCI Men’s Club will sponsor each division award winner who qualifies. SCGA 46th Tournament of Club Champions

Temecula Creek Inn Men’s Club will do its best to manage the qualifying standards of our club championship to match the SCGA tournament; however, if a player’s handicap adjusts before registration of the SCGA tournament, and they no longer qualify under the same standards, the player may not be able to enter into the SCGA tournament of club champions.

Example: John Doe is 57 years old and a 5.2 index that wins the Senior Gross Championship with a 73 and 76. In another month, his handicap index rises to 6.5. He will no longer be able to play in the tournament of club championships unless he can perform well enough to lower his index to below a 5.4 before registration deadline.



RGM: 5/2/2019